TAG WITH RYAN (Wizard Ryan) vs DASH TAG (Merlin) Race Gameplay | Ryan's World Game App SGL

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Tag with Ryan VS Dash Tag (Wizard Ryan vs Merlin) Race Gameplay | Ryan's World Game App SmilesGigglesLaughs SGL (Ryan's World/ Ryan ToysReview iPhone iPad Android Game)

* FYI - for those that might be wondering about the similarities between the 2 games, it's because they are by the same game developer (Wildworks, Inc.). Thus they probably use similar code base for both games w/ different characters, sounds, other misc. differences. They are both fun and WE LOVE BOTH GAMES! *

In this video, it's a race between Wizard Ryan (Rare) from Tag with Ryan VS Merlin (Super Rare) from Dash Tag!
Who will win the race?

Enjoy the Game!

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