Talents showing real STAR POWER on The Voice | Top 10

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These talents showed some real Star Power, in their own ways, on The Voice! Who’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below????

???? This video features the following performances:
00:00 Matthias Nebel sings “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles (Germany, 2020)
02:55 Johnny Manuel sings “Home” by Diana Ross (Australia, 2020)
04:49 David Gomes sings “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé ft. Jay Z (Portugal, 2016)
07:25 Tamara Jade sings “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo (USA, 2020)
09:10 Lisandro Cuxi sings “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake (France, 2017)
11:33 Александър Георгиев sings “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran (Bulgaria, 2020)
13:27 Александър Георгиев sings “Shiver” by Александър Георгиев, original song (Bulgaria, 2020)
15:18 Filip Rudan sings “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi (Croatia, 2019)
17:24 Cameo Williams sings “Heart of Glass” by Blondie (UK, 2020)
19:04 Lucas van Roekel sings “Jealous” by Labrinth (Netherlands, 2020)
20:57 Sean Koch sings “Circles” by Post Malone (Germany, 2020)
22:43 Sean Koch sings an original song (Germany, 2020)

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