The Best 1440p Gaming Monitors (2021) - The Sweet Spot for Gamers

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1440p has become an increasingly popular resolution, and it’s no surprise why. 1440p is a great a step up in detail over 1080p, but isn’t nearly as costly 4k. Modern graphics cards can also push high refresh rates at this resolution, even with budget models. Because of this, 1440p is considered the sweet spot for many gamers, as it offers great picture clarity and allows for high frame rates, all for a competitive price.

Best Performing
Samsung Odyssey G7

Dell Alienware AW2721D

Best Ultrawide
LG 34GN850-B

Acer Nitro XV340CK

Best Budget
Gigabyte M27Q

Notable Mentions
Dell S2721DGF

Lenovo Legion Y27q-20

LG 27GN850-B

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