The Best Pocket Knives of 2020 | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 55)

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Zac and Kurt run through the best knives (according to sales) at Blade HQ in 2020. According to Zac you will never guess what number one is. ???? Get your next knife here:

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0:00 Intro
1:40 CRKT Minimalist:
3:52 WE Knife Co. Banter:
6:07 Kalashnikov OTF:
9:02 SOG Flash:
10:37 Kershaw Launch 11:
12:40 Civivi Elementum:
14:29 CRKT CEO:
17:16 Boker Kalashnikov Dessert Warrior:
19:21 Benchmade Bugout:
22:35 Kershaw Lucha:
25:40 James Brand The Pike:
26:45 SOG Pentagon XR:
28:37 GEC Beer and Sausage:
Leather Pouch:
31:32 Boker Cottage-Craft " Chef's Knife:
33:11 TOPS Storm Vector:
35:09 Kizer Sheepdog:
37:08 Concluding Thoughts.

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