The Bizarre South Korean Bank Heist

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We do animated documentary-style videos on extraordinary Asian events.

Kento Bento — Researcher, writer, narrator, art director, audio & video editor
Charlie Rodriguez — Illustrator
Isambard Dexter — Research assistant
Jose Gamez — SFX editor
Nina Bento — Cheerleader


[The Bizarre South Korean Bank Heist]

Daejeon, South Korea, 2019.

140 kilometers south of Seoul — The bank robber was getting ready to enter the bank. He was well-prepared, composed, and not at all afraid of being caught.

You see, he had been planning the heist for a while; and had become quite familiar with the bank’s habits and procedures. He had done the math, and knew it would take police just four minutes to arrive at the scene once alerted. This, of course, wasn’t ideal — a potential four minute window seemed risky — but if all were to go according to plan, the reward would be worth it. He would be set for life.

As part of his preparation, he had procured a very specific weapon — a kind of knife — from a trusty vendor of his, which — really — he had no intention of using. With the threat alone being sufficient enough, this was merely for show.

And so, after months of planning, it was time. He headed through the doorway into the bank.

The heist was
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