THE NERF MEGA STRYFE!! NERF Mega Motostryke Review

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NERF Mega: a turbulent frontier of conflicting emotions where each blaster seemed to step further from it's original goal and devoid of any real direction. Unboxing this beast, some hope is regained; the NERF Mega Motostryke fills a niche that's long been forgotten in it's clan. Does it bring hope to a doomed dart and rewrite the future of the entire line? Just maybe.

Purchased from Walmart for $ USD.

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0:00 Opening
2:18 The Story So Far
3:34 Unboxing
4:07 Overview
6:46 It's Broken!?
7:27 FPS Readings
8:33 Magazine Compatibility (Buzzbee/Centurion)
9:14 Range Testing
11:00 Conclusions
12:38 Do I Recommend the Motostryke?
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