To Neutron and Beyond! Dyson Sphere Program Gameplay Series EP9 Season 1

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The Dyson Sphere Program Game is a new factory sim much like Factorio or Satisfactory, but with one big twist. The scale of this game is on a whole different level as it allows you to travel between planets and solar systems. In this game, your ultimate goal is to harness the power of the sun by building a machine called a Dyson Sphere. To do this you will need to build a massive factory that consumes resources from nearby planets and beyond. Completing the Dyson Sphere Program is no small task. I like to think of it as a journey of 100,000 clicks! In the gameplay series, I will take you on my journey through my Dyson Sphere Program where I tried to make the coolest looking base possible while quite literally trying to bring the entire galaxy to me to feed my one massive factory.

The game, Dyson Sphere Program is available on Steam and is currently at the time of this recording in early access.

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Title: Dyson Sphere Program Gameplay Series EP9 Season 1

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