साउथ इंडस्ट्री के मशहूर अभिनेताओ के बीच में है पिता और बेटे का रिश्ता ! Top 6 South actor father !

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साउथ इंडस्ट्री के मशहूर अभिनेताओ के बीच में है पिता और बेटे का रिश्ता ! Top 6 South actor father !



title-Top 6 sonu sood South father son Jod

In South Industry, many films have been made on the relationship between father and son, in which we have got to see a deep relationship between father and son.

But friends, do you know that the relationship between father and son is seen in those films of South, the same relationship in real life also the actor of South keeps with his son and father but South's father and son Couples are not only known for their love, but also for achieving a lot of success in their professional life.

So that's why in this video of ours today, we are going to introduce you to similar top six father and son duo of South Industry.

Then let us know one by one about those pairs of Father Son.

No. 1 Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi

The superstar actor of South films is "Ram Charan" who has made everyone hearty with his actress and style, but his father "Chiranjeevi" has been a big actor of his time, at that time he was the most popular actor there is today. Even his coin runs well in the industry, even today his film proves to be a hit at the box office but apart from giving different hits, he is also seen in several superhit films like "Father Maghira" and "Brusli". Has received

Number 2 Allu Arjun and Allu Ayan

South's stylish star actor "Allu Arjun" is winning the hearts of viewers in South Industry today with his stylish style films, while his son "Allu Ayan" who is 7 years old has not yet come in the industry but his He is very much in tune with cuteness, he is still very young but his style is already like his father's, so when the two stand together, they seem to be a perfect father and son duo.

Number 3 Mukesh Rishi and Raghav Rishi

Actor "Mukesh Rishi", who has won the hearts of people due to his villainy in many films of South, is a well known name in South world, but if he talks about his son "Raghav Rishi" then he is also an actor like his father. Who is known for working in the film "The Great Indian Escape".

Do the same thing about the relationship of these father and son, there is a lot of love in this father-son relationship, where actor Mukesh is very caring nature for his son, while his son also takes good care of his father. Huh.

Number 4 Mahesh Babu and Gautam

The most handsome and powerful actor in South industry is "Mahesh Babu", who along with his 14-year-old son "Gautam", gets his name in this list, tell that while Mehsh is earning a name in films, his son is the top in the school. Kar is illuminating his name, he is very good in studies, so he still concentrates on his studies but he is very sad to be in the lime light, so he is often spotted walking outside with his father and when Both are also spotted, so both are seen sharing a special bond of father and son with each other.

Number 5 Jagapathi Babu and Ched Bowan

"Jagapathi Babu", an actor who appears as a good father in the films of South films, is sometimes a bad villain, but he has no son but only one daughter who is married to his foreign son-in-law "Cheed Bowan" He considers his son, so after marriage, he did not let them go abroad, but told them to stay with him in their home and they also agreed that they do not have any, so today both of them are living together. By giving love and respect to each other, each other's father is fulfilling the lack of son, and with that love, both of them have also joined the list of this father and son.

Number 6 Sonu Sood and Ishant and Ayan Sood

"Sonu Sood" is famous for the famous villain of South Industry and today he becomes a father and joins this list of father and son along with his two sons, "Ishant" and "Ayan Sood".

Let me tell you that his elder son Ishant is now 18 years old and his younger son Ayan is just 15 years old and both are still studying from school, but please tell that both of his sons are very interested in acting, which makes it clear It is clear that both of their children, like their father, will later achieve great success in acting as well as where Sonu Sood is helping all the people today, his sons also have the quality to help. He is also his father. Helping people together.

So friends, which pair of these father and son did you like, you must tell us their name by commenting in the comment box and you should not forget to subscribe to our channel to know the news of similar relationship related to the film world. .
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