Tuning the Megasquirt (Pt 10.) - E85 Ultimate Guide 1

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E85 or Ethanol flex fuel is basically an inexpensive race gas. If you have it in your area, you need to look into running it with your Megasquirt. In this episode we will cover why E85 helps performance and can add power safely, how it's different than gasoline, and the best way to convert your tune to run it in Tuner Studio and Megasquirt. We cover ALL the screens and settings in this video!

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Time Codes:
00:00 Overview
01:09 E85 basics, energy density, some chemistry lol
02:45 Atomization vs Vaporization
03:00 Cooling properties, flame speed, vapor pressure
03:43 Supporting Mods
04:20 Approach for tuning and configuration
05:30 AFR & Lambda explained for real
07:06 Config Section
08:02 Getting Started
09:04 Level 1 - Fuel VE
10:12 Level 2 - Req Fuel Calculation
13:03 Level 3 - Using the Fuel Multiplier %
15:22 Level 4 - OEM style - Using a Flex Fuel Sensor
16:24 All about the 4 VE tables
17:28 Exporting and Importing VE tables and Multi table setup
20:14 Use Fuel Multiplier + VE 1 and VE 3
22:11 The Blending Curve (Flex Blending)
23:49 BOSS Mode - Control EVERYTHING (table switching)
27:44 Winning at E85, the full summary of the best way to do it

Next time we will put it all into practice and do the steps live in the car, handling troubleshooting, retuning so you know exactly how everything works. So stay tuned!

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