Unboxing and Short Review of a Game Topper!

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Unboxing a Game Topper in Premium Walnut! The board game accessory that turns any table into a proper gaming table.
This particular video is NOT sponsored and this is our real opinion etc etc etc.

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Played on a Game Topper!! The Best Accessory in Gaming!

Comments and "review" of the Game Topper are sprinkled throughout as we unbox the items.
0:00 - Video Start
0:13 - Overview
1:42 - Unboxing Start
4:01 - Game Topper Unboxing
4:40 - Other Stuff in the Big Box
5:31 - Randy Crawls in a Box
6:11 - Game Topper Install
8:08 - Woodgrain Mat Unboxing
9:25 - Comments on Extra Table Height
10:26 - Great Wall of China Mat Unboxing
10:52 - Dice Tower and Game Tray Unboxing
12:39 - Dice Tower Assembly
13:53 - Cup Holders
16:31 - Sponsorship Info/Wrap Up
17:38 - Card Rail
18:02 - Closing Remarks
18:41 - Outro

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