Unboxing from Peepshow Toys, Creature Feature & Velvet Alley

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Mail day means more toys! Today I crack into a stellar box courtesy of Peepshow Toys, pull a mochi toy from Creature Feature Toys and get gothic with Velvet Alley. Links below, as always. (and please forgive my messy hair, it was having a day)

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❤ Peepshow Toys ⟼ #oid=133533_4244
❤ WeVibe Tango X ⟼
❤ Satisfyer Curvy 3 ⟼
❤ SquarePeg Nathan ⟼

❤ Creature Feature Toys - Kose ⟼

❤ Velvet Alley - Legacy ⟼

❤ Average Joe ⟼

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