???? Uncle V Introduces His Brilliant FUD to FOMO Ratio!

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You seriously just NEVER know what you’re going to get when your favorite Uncle hits the record button. El Presidente Dave Portnoy has NOTHING on Uncle Vigilante! NOTHING! ????

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???? ABOUT The Uncle Vigilante Show: Uncle Odd was a frustrated crypto newbie who set out on a journey to de-mystify this digital ecosystem.

He needed to “dumb it down” to a level that even HE could understand it.

As he learns, YOU can vicariously learn too. Uncle Odd is relentless in his pursuit to get experts on the show to simplify and clarify.

Why? Because WE CAN’T MISS OUT on this once in a lifetime transfer of the dollar goes bye-bye.

So JOIN your favorite Uncle on this PROFITABLE journey. “We’re all in this together!” (or some bullshit like that)


— Uncle V

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