Unq Gamer vs DGodz Gamer YT | Grenade star boltey

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▪︎ I'm Ayush Reddy
▪︎ I'm 22 years old
▪︎ A fan of UNQ GAMER
▪︎ I've "graduated with a bachelor's degree in aeronautics

● I've started this channel for fun n as a fan of unq Not for subs nor for money

● (Its funny you know when some ppl come n say DUDE you doing videos for subs n for money) (u know wt I send donations to unqgamer in return)

● I run this channel as long i can (at least I'll post a video per week)

● My First video 28 Aprl 2020 (Robin About UNQ gamer) (That video made me to do more videos so far)

➡️ My instagram @theunqarmy

● If You Have any Problem with any video, then please contact me on instagram, Videos will be removed 100%. Don't have to give copy

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If i premiere my videos, viewers will get a heads up of what new content is coming and when it will be available making them more likely to come back and tune in.

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