Vinsmoker - Clouded (ft. Benja) [Magic Free Release]

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Track: Vinsmoker - Clouded (ft. Benja)
Music Provided by Magic Records
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✔️ Lyrics
(Verse 1)
Wanna move away, make a way
Wanna prove today to save yesterday
But I'm stuck on the ground, feelin' lost when I'm found
Just movin' around with a frown on my face
Can't seem to see what's ahead of me
Keep lookin' back, let it get to me
Stare absently, so possessively
Overthinkin' things so obsessively
This is stress relief, can't resist it
Battle with the curse that the Maker's gifted
Settlin' on Earth with a fake existence
Hangin' on the verge with a great ambition
Got a greater mission, I just can't be missin'
They keep shooting shots, I'm just aiming different
Now the game has shifted, my plays have lifted
Battle for the stars, here to break the limits

(Pre Chorus)
The underdog, here to top it off
Phenomenon, goin' on and on
Gunnin' hard, 'til the break of dawn
Better run along if we come across
Better pray to god, if you cross me son
My heart is dark, ain't no stoppin'
A young don, I keep stompin' on
Keep on droppin' bombs 'til the clouds are gone

(Verse 2)
Can't see my surroundings
My vision is clouded
My efforts are fadin', my path is forsaken
Will I ever make it, I doubt it
My thoughts gettin' crowded
No one knows I'm about to
Lose my sanity, you don't want me as an enemy
I'm unfounded
So I build myself up
No one cares, until you get results up
It's all on you when there's no one else bruh
Learnin' from all of the L's, under my belt, huh
Fuck inspiration
This is tough luck and raw dedication
Tough love, had enough of
Being boxed up, no more hesitations

(Pre Chorus)....

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