(WARNING) Never Say White Lady White Lady White Lady In A Haunted Graveyard!!

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History & Haunting of :
The White Lady of ........ Lancashire, England.
....... is reportedly haunted by a ghost. In ........ old cemetery there is a gravestone of a supposed white lady, whose eyes open when they are touched. There have been reported sightings of her ghost walking around the area at night, seeking her child. The white lady of ...... is said to have died during childbirth, or to have been raped and murdered by a group of men who stole her child. She is said to manifest in response to the spoken phrase "White lady, white lady, I stole your black baby", before attacking the speaker and causing them to faint. Local folklore says that the white lady of ...... killed a group of teenagers who were on a camping trip in the White Hall Park in the late 1980s, within two hours of them visiting her grave
One of the many impressive graves in ....... Cemetery is that of Martha Jane Bury 1850-1913. Her remarkable memorial is referred to as The White Lady.
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