What People TRADE For *MEGA* FROST FURY! Trade Proofs In RICH-ONLY Christmas SERVER, Adopt Me Roblox

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Roblox Adopt Me trading proofs video, I really enjoy making them with Adopt Me trades and new pets! Looking for a mega neon Adopt Me pet, but seeing what people trade in Adopt Me for the New Winter Pets and Frost Fury!

After OurFire Plays - Roblox made “I Played Adopt Me until I made a NEON FROST FURY at 3AM (ghost caught on recording) (Roblox)”, Jaci Plays created “LETTING *SIRI* DECIDE WHAT I TRADE IN ADOPT ME ROBLOX FOR 24 HRS CHALLENGE! *giving up my dream pet*”, and Jeffo - Roblox uploaded “How To Get A FREE *NEON* FROST FURY In ADOPT ME!! Making and Trading NEON FROST FURY'S (Roblox)”, I decide to sneak into a rich-only VIP server to see if ttkevin has any more clues for me to find my missing shadow dragon. Instead I take out my dream pet mega flamingo named pink chimken that my crush gave to me and run to the winter castle. Adopt me just released the 2020 Christmas update with all new exclusive legendary winter pets and so I need to buy every single limited edition winter pet to see what I can trade for them. First I purchase one million free gingerbread men fast, then I buy the lynx and snowman. I then look to see what people trade for the legendary mega neon snow owl as well as the mega neon frost fury named Fred. I buy a musk ox and yeti and give away a free ride potion and free fly potion to make my dream winter pet flyable and rideable. Finally I try to trade my girlfriend jaci to see if she is doing a prank or if she is actually my gf by offering a mega neon frost fury. She declines because she is only looking for a mega neon giraffe, frost dragon, or shadow dragon. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in Roblox adopt me in 2020!

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