Where Is Today's GTA 5 Online Update?.. (NEW Bonus?)

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GTA 5 Update / Double Money and RP (Triple Money & RP) / Discounts This Week / New Event Week/Update + Free Car/podium vehicle for this week. On the road to the NEW Cayo Perico Heist update! (update - December 3 2020 - December 9 2020) in this "GTA V" video: GTA 5 Online Update: Where Is Today's GTA 5 Online Update?.. (NEW Bonus?) For PS4, Xbox One & PC

Last week's GTA 5 update -

How to win the car In GTA 5 (Podium car) -

This "GTA V Double Money" / "Triple Money" video tells you about this week's GTA V Update (event week): triple money and RP bonuses this week along with the GTA 5 discounts this week. This week's discounts include some vehicles and you could get a free car (new podium car)! I hope this video about the GTA 5 Online discounts / double money and rp bonuses was useful. I also let you know about new dripfeed cars in these videos (we don't have any left now). We're now on the road to the GTA 5 Cayo Perico Heist Update! (DLC)

Shoutout to @TezFunz2

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I hope you enjoyed this GTA 5 update/discounts/double money/podium car video!

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