Winning EVERY Single Game Mode in Modern Warfare in One video

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I have been making this video for the last 2 weeks now! ENJOY! :D
There are timestamps for if you wanna skip to certain game modes????
0:00 intro
0:30 Gun Game [Passed]
2:31 Ground War [Passed]
5:12 2v2 Gunfight [Passed]
7:39 Team Defender [Passed]
10:04 Infected [Passed]
12:35 Night Time Realism Domination [Failed]
14:43 Capture the Flag [Passed]
16:25 Search and Destroy [Failed]
23:12 Onslaughter [Passed]
26:39 Kill Confirmed [Passed]
28:16 Headquarters [Passed]
30:06 Cyber Attack [Passed]






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